One Difficult Summer

One Difficult Summer

The many different people who sort the movement of personnel in the military are expressing their concerns over the problems faced in the busy summer period.  Some are even going as far as saying that 2014 is one of the worst.

This is somewhat due to the changes that have occurred in the last 12 months in the U.S. Department of Defense, DoD. There have been software issues that have caused staff to wait until the problem is resolved.  Since most applications and processes are software-based, this becomes an issue and halts service.

There is always heavy demand for the DoD during the summer months, and it is often difficult for all moves to happen successfully and on schedule. However, this has coincided with the reduction in DoD staff, and those that are left are trying to do their jobs but with less people and more work during the busy summer period.  This pressure coupled with the system failures haven’t helped the process.  Additionally, there has been a reduction in moving businesses that are working with the DoD to perform these moves in the specified time scales. This increases the pressure on the remaining companies to find the spaces needed to move all the required personal property within the few busy summer moving months.

The learning curve from this season has led to practical solutions which will be in place before next year’s busy summer moving season. What is interesting is the SDDC’s figures, which indicate the number of shipments awarded, are in line with previous year’s figures and the number of assignments hasn’t increased dramatically.

Therefore, the reason behind the difficult summer months for the DoD and the movement of household goods and personal items is a result of all the changes within the DoD.  The staff changes and the reduction in the number of businesses that are prepared to deal with the DoD are the key problem and will need to be resolved for next season.