Building Customer Focus on Corporate Moves

Building Customer Focus on Corporate Moves

It is important in the moving business that you have the understanding of the customer’s needs and offer a service that focuses on giving more. The person moving normally pays the bill, but sometimes corporate customers are paying for the move.  Since they are not the ones moving, this can cause a conflict. The customer who is paying wants value for money; the person moving wants a fantastic service.

Getting the corporate moves right is a great boost for business.  It is easier to retain a customer than it is to find a new one and this is great advice in the moving business, because if you find a corporate business account it can mean regular business. The difficulty with corporate moves is trying to please the corporate company while also pleasing the person moving.

The key to success is how you manage your business.  The way you check is making sure the departments are working together to improve the experience all round. Pleasing of a corporate company involves negotiating the right price and a continued agreement.  However, the person moving can destroy your brand with a few negative comments on social media, if they feel that you haven’t offered a fantastic service to them, too.

Finding the middle ground is essential when dealing with corporation and clients that are actually the ones moving.  One wrong move in either direction could mean a lost contract or losing potential clients on social media.

Capturing and learning all that you can about a customer’s experience, the good and the bad, can ensure that in the future those experiences are better.  They can be used to improve the company’s performance and ability to negotiate the right contract for the corporate client, as well as the person moving.

Therefore, if you are looking to increase your client base it is important that you are fully aware of your team’s ability to communicate effectively with the clients and learn from past mistakes.