FMCSA Discusses Rules and Regulations Affecting Moving Businesses

FMCSA Discusses Rules and Regulations Affecting Moving Businesses

You would be surprised by the different factors that can affect the moving companies across America.  This is why a quarterly conference of the FMCSA occurs to discuss these issues. With that thought in mind, FMCSA reviewed the Protect Your Move, PYM, which educates those people who are looking to use a moving company and ensures they are fully aware of their rights and their responsibilities when it comes to the actual movement of their property.

The campaign to Protect Your Move has gained exposure by using the media in a variety of forms, from advertising to the creation of a landing page to help direct visitors to the correct information.

The FMCSA is looking into ways in which they can protect the consumers from the influx of businesses, who don’t know the procedures and are committing theft through fraudulent procedures.  PYM is a great campaign directed at protecting the consumers from these businesses.

If you are a moving company, it is important that you take the time to ensure you are conducting business in the right way, so you can protect yourself from by the FMCSA. While there are genuine mistakes happening, it is important that if you know of any violation from any company that you report it so the appropriate action against the company is taken.  This protects the moving industry’s reputation.

The state of Delaware has become the fifth state to join with the FMCSA to take a stance on protecting consumers from illegal practices.

Another key area the FMCSA conference discussed was the possible change to the hours of service.  The current 14-hour rule can make it difficult for the drivers to find overnight parking in a safe environment away from the residential area or off a military base, especially for difficult moves. As a result of the short period, drivers have difficulty finding a safe place to rest.  They are working to resolve this issue

It is important to keep up to date with the current legislation and any changes that could occur from such events as a moving business owner.  Your business will be affected either way.