Funding For Safer Highways and Commerical Vehicles

Funding For Safer Highways and Commerical Vehicles

It is important for moving companies and any other business that has a large fleets of vehicles on the road, to ensure that safety is their key focus. Not only do they need to protect their own vehicles and the lives of their drivers, but also other road users to reduce the number of accidents happening, saving lives and money long-term.

This is why the opportunity to increase the grants available in the area of checking and documenting any failures in safety is fantastic news for the industry as a whole.  In addition, this will increase the ability for staff to monitor and ensure all safety procedures are carried out.

The FMCSA announced this year the possibility of two grants, which will help improve the safety on the highways.  These will allow the most up to date equipment to ensure that the inspectors at the side of the road have the technology to do their job efficiently.

The two new grants will have a joint value of $30 million; these are available through the Performance Registration Information Systems Management, or PRISM, and the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems Network, or CVISN.

Both grants available are looking to improve the safety standards in relation to the commercial sector on the highway system. If the inspectors who are out in force carrying out inspections have the ability to look at previous performances of a vehicle, they are more easily able to pin point those vehicles which have the potential to result in a violation. By pinpointing these vehicles, it is easier to ensure that those people who are committing these violations are stopped. Therefore, it will improve the safety on the highways across America. Providing a system, which allows the application of funds, to improve the quality of the safety standards of commercial vehicles is important.  By ensuring they are meeting the required safety standards, it ensures that any legislation is adhered to.

Therefore, if you are looking to protect your business venture, then it is important that you comply with all vehicle and driver safety legislation in order to make highways safer for everyone.