Recommendations for Moving with Pets

Recommendations for Moving with Pets

Moving your home is a difficult time, there are stresses that you must consider and the whole process can be difficult on the whole family. If you are moving with a pet, it can increase not only the costs involved, but also the preparation that you need to consider.  Sometimes it may be necessary to prepare 4 months before the moving date.  As a mover, there a few things you can do to help your customers.

If your customer is preparing to move with a pet, then the best advice to give them is to speak with professional pet movers.  They are going to know the requirements that your client will need before moving their pet.

It will depend on the animal and the destination as to the different requirements they will need. It is imperative that a reputable pet moving company is employed to ensure that all the necessary details and documentation is prepared in advance of the move.

If your customer is moving internationally, there are some countries where certain animals are not allowed or they require certain blood tests. Knowing the restrictions before moving can prepare your customer for concerns surrounding moving with a pet. It is important that any pet procedures occur well in advance of the move to ensure the results are formally recorded to allow entry into the country of destination.

If your customer is considering using airlines for the relocation, let them know what the recommendations are for the accommodation of the pet.  This can prevent stress from finding out that the pet carrier is too small or inadequate for the airlines acceptance.

Therefore, if you have a customer who is looking to transport animals on a relocation and move, then it is important that you give your customer the information they need to be able to contact a professional pet moving company. Not providing this information might actually harm the potential move, pets, and people involved.