Using The Right Social Media For Your Business (Part 1)

Choosing The Right Social Media For Your Business (Part 1)

Understanding and developing your social media is important if you are looking for a long-term relationship with potential customers and do not want to waste time on a social media platform, which just isn’t right for you or your business.

There are some social media platforms that are going to benefit your company more than others.  Getting the mix right is going to connect with potential clients and further your business.  Some platforms just might not be suitable and therefore are not worth your time or energy engaging on these platforms.

If your business is full of the perfect imagery then Pinterest is a great social media platform. However, be warned it is an image based platform and you need to meet certain requirements in picture sizing and the content that you are sharing to make the most of this social media platform. The pictures and images that are shared have a link back to the site where you have an article or something interesting to say.  Keep in mind that you are connecting the picture with an internet based resource. There are also now options where you can pay to get your pins to the top of people’s threads.

Facebook is different. This social media platform allows you to share a number of different mediums on the one platform, from inspiring quotes to short videos. These posts are shared with a portion of your audience.  Whether it gets shared further depends on whether they receive the item.

Both of these platforms are great with sharing different posts, which will be seen by the general population and your page’s friends. However, if you are looking for a more business-orientated social media platform, then you must consider LinkedIn.  This is a place where businesses tend to network, share ideas, and post articles on a topic relating to your business area.  It is not the place for funny videos and comments.

Choosing the right social media, which will meet your needs is key to developing a strong social media presence.