Proper Paperwork Can Protect Your Moving Business

Proper Paperwork Can Protect Your Moving Business

Getting the proper paperwork completed for a job can save your business money. Paperwork left incomplete and unsigned can result in a company not only facing fines, but also they might be liable for full valuation costs if some damage occurs to a customer’s goods.

It is important that all paperwork is completed before the furniture is moved, this will ensure that the customer is fully protected as well as the business.

This is just as important for minimizing the potential risk involved for a moving company as ensuring that the goods and the moving vehicle are properly packed.

Often the most risk to the moving company is incomplete paperwork.  This can lead to the business having to pay full liability for damaged goods, as there is no record of limited liability signed off by the customer. This could cost a business a lot of money and it is preventable if the paperwork was fully completed before the move.

Training your staff to ensure that they complete all the paperwork correctly means that they are protecting business interests. There is no greater learning curve than making this mistake.  However, this type of mistake is preventable through proper training and following regulations, reducing the liability that the company could face.

The IAT Insurance Group Loss Control Department does offer free online training courses and in-house training to ensure that staff members are fully aware of the correct procedures, which they should follow at all times.

Finding the right insurance provider for your business is key.  A specialist in the field will be able to assist you in the claims process as they will have the knowledge because they deal with this area all the time. If you choose an insurance company that has less experience in the moving industry, you run the risk of inadequate coverage.

Ensuring your paperwork is completed correctly through training and knowledge can save you money long term.