Do Not Underinsure Your Possessions Before Moving

Do Not Underinsure Your Possessions Before Moving

Don’t cut costs in a move especially if it relates to your insurance. Often it is difficult to put a value on the possessions that you own, but under insurance could spell disaster if anything does go wrong in a move.

As a mover, ensure your potential customer is fully aware of the commitment that it takes to assess the true value of the possessions they own.  This is important because if they are under insured it will result in repercussions if a claim is required.

Any inaccurate valuation of property to the point where it is actually 30% less or more than the total value could cause problems on a claim. Not only will your client miss 30% of the value of their property, but also you could find the insurance company cuts the claim by another 30% because the customer had undervalued their possessions.  This could leave a customer with only 40% of the value of the property they owned.

This could make replacement of the items they owned impossible, and if you’re the moving company that recommended the insurance, there will be no doubt in the customer’s mind that you are partly responsible for the problems caused.

With the amount of social media that customers have access to, any claim where they are dissatisfied with the result, often ends up there. This can have bad repercussions with future customers going elsewhere with their business, after reading negative feedback on a business.

It might be a difficult task, but filling in the possessions forms correctly is vital if you want to ensure that possessions have coverage in case of a disaster. This is one of the main messages your sales team must convey to potential clients.  Don’t underestimate the true value of the possessions that you own.

Sales teams in a moving company must ensure that any potential customer knows the importance of the insuring the value of their property. They must know to declare this to the insurance company before the move, to prevent the potential loss of money in replacement of items if the item is damaged during a move.