Congress Considers Moving Business Concerns

Congress Considers Moving Business Concerns

You need to make sure your moving businesses is up to date with policy changes and implementations, which could have an effect on your business. You must be aware of any potential changes that could help or hinder your future business plans.

Congress is taking the first steps at two policies, which could affect moving businesses.  The first is the hours of service debate and if the the 2013 rules will stay in effect. This however depends on the outcome of a study produced by the FMCSA. It relates to safety, taking into account the health, stress, and working hours of fleet drivers compared to pre-2013.

The other area that a moving business should be watching is the potential increase in the financial minimum security that a company needs to hold. The IAM and their members are campaigning not to pass this bill.  The worry that the financial burden to small and medium sized businesses would be too great without giving them any extra benefits.

It is important to remember this is still in the first stages of going through Congress.  The process could change the current look and feel of both of these separate issues, which could have an impact on the moving industry.

They must head to the full Appropriations Committee, who will need to approve the Subcommittee’s bill before heading to the House floor. At every point in this journey there will be attempts made to change the wording, require amendments to the bill, and even add new points into the final bill.

Therefore, this process does take time, but it is important that you are aware of all the potential problems that could arise.  These issues can possibly add to the pressure that many businesses in the moving sector are already feeling. It is impossible to pre-judge the outcome. However, it is important to keep up to date of any potential changes giving you time to prepare.