Moving Beyond Any Customer Expectations

Moving Beyond Any Customer Expectations

If you as a business can go beyond the customer’s expectations, then you are on a winning formula. Keep this in mind when you look at some of the award winning companies in the moving industry who go beyond the standard.  If you follow their lead, you will move closer to customer expectation, and you will have the formula for the perfect business model.

It is not uncommon for some of the top moving crews to help clean a house or to shovel snow. Interstate Van Lines is one of these company and has won an award for their efforts, the Blue Diamond Award. Those little touches make the difference when it comes to moving families. Moving is a difficult time and to make a customer feel valued is important because it allows for less stress at a difficult time.

Another company phones the client the day before a move and offers to bring breakfast to help with the move. These little touches make all the difference.  If you are able to make the experience pleasant then it is more than likely that you will get the recommendation for further business.

By taking your customer service to a new level, you will provide the client with an experience, which they will remember. It is this attention to detail and training your staff to know how to offer fantastic customer service that is important so your company remains in the customer’s mind.

If you provide your staff with detailed training on how to turn a customer into a happy customer and provide a fantastic experience, then this will do more for your business than any advertising could possibly do.  Word of mouth recommendations will beat any other form of advertising.

If damage happens, it is sometimes best to swallow the cost of repair rather than argue with the customer.  A bad experience can quickly spread over social media.

Therefore, providing customer service that goes beyond the normal standard will benefit you as a business more than you can comprehend.