Innovative Product PianoPlan Stair Climber


Innovative Product PianoPlan Stair Climber

As we all know, technology is only growing more popular with smart phones, computers, and robotics and so on. But technology is also changing the way things are handled in the moving industry. A brand new product called the PianoPlan, by CTE, is a self stair climbing system used to move the uncommonly heavy and border line unmovable items.

It’s simple how it works, the controls on the handle on the front enables the plate to tip at an angle, this helps when the incline of the steps is steep, and the item must stay upright at a 90 degree angle. The rubber tracks at the bottom of the PianoPlan enable it to grip the wooden, concrete, or any type of steps and climb them with ease. A pivot plate at the bottom of the Product allows it to stand on its own, raising and lowering at your will.

These machines move everything from safes, photocopiers, drink dispensers, air compressors, air conditioners, household appliances, etc…

With this latest break in technology, the hardest parts of your move can turn from man power to brain power.

Watch the PianoPlan video for more details about this product and it’s specs.