Items Not Allowed Overseas

Items not allowed over seas

Take shipments to or from destinations locally is easy, even out of state, but there are many restrictions that one must know in order to not break international restrictions.

The restrictions are there because of security and economic reasons that are purely based on past events and preventing future ones. This allows the nation that the customer is moving into to monitor what comes into their country.

Although the restricted items vary depending upon the country, here is a set of basic restricted items:

Firearms and explosives
The issue with firearms is elementary and goes into country security. Most countries do not trust foreigners to bring firearms into their country. However, there are some countries that allow specific types of firearms to be brought in it, look up the country you are moving to and find their firearm procedures.

Biological imports/Animals
Most do not allow you to bring any type of organism for educational purposes or research purposes unless it has a specific type permit. Find the contact embassy for the country you are choosing and ask them what the procedures/restrictions are and follow them accordingly.

Pirated Copies of Copyright Material
Customs does a vigorous check for any kind of music, books, or media properties that have been copied. It is a very common problem that countries have, especially the eastern countries, because people plan to sell them and make a profit. The country that you plan to move to may not conduct a thorough search, but that does not mean that US customs will not, so do not take the risk.

Every country has at least some form of limitations with how much currency can be brought it, even the United States. For example if you planned to take in more than $10,000 into the US, you would need to find and fill out the 4790 form with Customs.

Products from endangered species
There are several people that own products/material that are made from endangered species. Anything that may have elements from an endangered species is not allowed into most countries. In rare cases, you can get the items shipped to your country if you can provide proof that it is a part of your family heritage.

Persian rugs

Persian Rugs are not allowed to be taken out of the country unless you can provide physical proof that they were purchased inside the US. Again your belongings will be checked by customs, if you have anything that is not allowed, it will be confiscated.

Agricultural Products

Plants and plant seeds are not allowed to leave the country under civilian shipment. Even regular household plants are not allowed to be taken out of the country. The country will allow some exceptions but an explanation must be provided.

The country you have chose may have more restrictions than what is listed, so make sure that you have a firm understanding of policies and regulations and you can make your hectic move something bearable.
Your destination country may have additional restrictions and custom requirements.