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Updated "Hours of Service" Rule in Effect

Updated “Hours of Service” Rule in Effect

The well-known “Hours of Service” rule that is presently in effect for any long haul driver is currently undergoing some interesting changes that will play an important role in regards to the moving industry.

Consumer Fraud: How to Protect Your Business

Consumer Fraud: How to Protect Your Business

It is well-known in the moving industry just how tight the federal and state regulations are placed in terms of business. Both for the protection of the van lines themselves, as well as for the trusting customers whom are served. Yet even still van line agencies find themselves being the direct target for lawsuits based under state consumer fraud statutes. This is an important read for all involved in the moving industry; as we will be discussing several federal laws and regulations that may just prevent and protect your moving company from a consumer fraud lawsuit.

Interstate Worldwide Celebrates 70 Years! (Part II of II)

Interstate Worldwide Celebrates 70 Years! (Part II of II)

In the first part of this two-part series, we discussed the story and celebration that marked Interstate Worldwide Relocation Services 70th anniversary, from the roots of the company to the hard-work that led to their tremendous success. In the final part of this great story, we will look a little deeper in to the inner workings of the family behind the business and share some secrets to their success over the years.

HMI Chart Shows Increase in Housing Market!

HMI Chart Shows Increase in Housing Market!

The recent rise in the housing market certainly has its benefits! Not only for buyers and realtors, but for those in the moving industry as well! The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has kept a very close watch on the housing market since 1985, using a chart called, “Housing Market Index” (HMI), which shows how builders view sales.

The Downfall of America's Bridges (Part II of II)

The Downfall of America’s Bridges (Part II of II)

In our last post we noted how the daily wear and tear of America’s leading bridges are in turn becoming high-risk threats for collapse. In this post, we will continue to discuss briefly some failed attempts at increasing the gas/diesel taxes to help pay for the safety and restoration of these bridges, as well as our roads. Additionally we look a little deeper into what present measures are being taken by both the road departments, and even our nation’s tractor-trailer drivers.

The Downfall of America's Bridges (Part I of II)

The Downfall of America’s Bridges (Part I of II)

A great majority of our nation’s bridges are beginning to show their wear and tear as they find themselves caught in the middle of a direct aging process. The moving industry uses these bridges every day, which poses a significant concern. With the recent bridge collapses over the past few years, we must begin to consider active repair on the bridges that are so heavily traveled, particularly by tractor-trailer drivers carrying significantly heavy loads.

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