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5 Ways to Keep Your Back Safe While Moving

As a professional mover, a strong back is your greatest asset, so keeping it safe and injury free should be your main priority. Most people know to lift with their knees and not their back and also to wear a back support; but knowing how you are most likely to hurt your back during the day is the best way to keep your back safe on or off the job. That being said, here are five ways to keep your back safe while working in removals:

Effects of Today’s Economy in Moving Companies

The Effects of Today’s Economy in Moving Companies

The Effects of Today’s Economy in Moving Companies During the previous years, the moving industry network has suffered great losses. This is due to the global depression of 2012, which resulted to most companies, including moving companies, to take desperate measures in order to save their businesses or close down and declare bankruptcy in order […]

global depression

Moving Companies – Status in Today’s Economy

Moving Companies – Status in Today’s Economy Most businesses and companies have been affected greatly by the global depression last 2012. During this time, most small, as well as huge, companies have either resorted to dire means in order to survive the global depression, or declared bankruptcy in order to salvage whatever they have left. […]

Pest Threats for the Moving and Storage Industry

Movers and storage companies are regularly working hard to ensure that the possessions of their customers reach their destination without any damages. However, it is important that companies take proper measures to protect the possessions of their customers against pests. Pests can hide inside boxes, storage units or moving trucks, and can cause costly damage. […]

UniGroup: Helping People And Moving Forward To The Future

UniGroup, one of the leading companies in the moving industry, has held an event helping those who were victims of rogue movers. This event, called “Move Rescue”, was headed by the President of UniGroup himself, Rich McClure. “We have helped more than 2,000 victims since Move Rescue started”, McClure said. He also said that victims […]


UniGroup: Serving for 65 Years and Counting…

Most people at age 65, or even as early as 60, think about retiring and just relax and unwind, rewarding themselves for all the hard work they have done. Most of them would reward themselves by going on a vacation, buy a new car or something they like, or simply having fun with their children […]

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