Real Estate Agents Can Help Grow Your Moving Company

Real Estate Agents Can Help Grow Your Moving Company

It is important to think of all avenues to get referrals for work and that is no different in the moving industry. Getting those recommendations for work is key to a successful business.  Real estate agents can be a great source for referrals in the moving business.

The most important point to make is to visit these real estate agents in person and talk to them.  It is very unlikely that a business would recommend services of another business if they have never met in person. It is key to the real estate agents business that they only recommend businesses that perform and treat their clients with the respect they deserve.

Getting your business connection from the right place can offer a great way to get referrals.  Don’t just limit yourself to one real estate agent.  The more options that you have, the more opportunities you will have to get the referrals which you need.  Go to weekly agent or broker meetings to find connections with realtors. You can pitch your business to dozens of realtors instead of just one.

Find opportunities where you can go to the real estate agents and offer to talk to their employees about your company, telling them what you do and the services you offer. This gives these staff members the key information that will allow them to give the right information to their clients and are able to recommend the right businesses.

Don’t be sneaky about finding realtors.  What this means is don’t go to their website and pretend you are looking for a home, then show up and pitch them your moving company.  It is not very professional and wastes realtors’ time.  Many realtors are more than willing to work with other vendors that they trust.

While it is important to get referrals from customers, you can get many more from real estate agents. This is why it is important that you make yourself available to them, talk to them, and make a point of meeting them face to face to enable them to build a rapport with you. They will be more likely to recommend a company they personally know, rather than one that phones or emails the real estate agents office.