Using Moving Lead Generators

Using Moving Lead Generators

Getting your business noticed and keeping the customers rolling in is something that all businesses worry about.   However, in the moving business, this can be even more difficult because not only are you competing with other businesses, your potential clients need to find you.  Sometimes the easiest way to do this is through lead generating companies.

These companies match potential clients with prospective companies, ones that meet their criteria and are able to manage the location. These leads should lead to the potential of a new business deal and income for the business.

However, these leads don’t always generate much business with the average moving business bringing in only 1% of its business from the leads.  This is because of the ability for the customer to shop around for other quotes too.

The important thing that potential customers are looking for in moving companies is they have to be legitimate.  They are cautious of being scammed with the rise in stories of furniture being held hostage for higher payments.  It’s no wonder customers are even more cautious now about finding a reputable business.

The most important aspect of lead generators though is the ability to connect with people who are actually considering moving. This is different from canvassing a neighborhood with flyers or paying for an ad on the internet. There is the risk that those options don’t hit the targeted audience, and this can be a problem for businesses looking for potential new clients.

The amount of people choosing to relocate is growing each day. The market for moving services has the potential to grow greatly over the coming years.  These customers are going to be looking for the best deals, but your business needs to be cautious. Offering the best value for your service is the best option, but you also must show you are up-to-date in technology.  No one wants to deal with old-fashioned businesses.  This involves green policies too, which can be a deal breaker in for some customers.

If you use lead generators be aware of what you need to say about your business.  These leads might have the ideal potential consumers for your business, but you need to show them your value and brand and balance that with the price.

Consider adding a lead management system to your workflow to manage leads from,, and others.  You can setup automatic replies and emails that will sell your services to these leads.  Movepoint Software is a great example of a lead management system.