Changes to the Highways and Transit Bill to Improve Safety

Changes to the Highways and Transit Bill to Improve Safety

As with all government bodies, the FMCSA is always looking to ensure the safety of the people using the highways across America, and this includes commercial drivers too. They are looking to address some of the issues that the AMSA and their members have campaigned for, mainly a change in the law to make the situation as fair as possible.

It is important that the safety measures implemented actually affect the safety of the drivers and other road users.  It should not be just another barrier to cross that serves no real purpose, other than appearing like they are proceeding with safety campaigns.

The demand for changes to the CSA program is of a high concern for businesses.  Currently, information for accidents is included in the score. Unfortunately, this information is incomplete and doesn’t give a true indication of the nature of the accident or if the driver was at fault. However, this information is open for the public to view and can have a negative impact on obtaining further contracts.  The information they have access to via the CSA is incomplete and inaccurate, which is the concern for business and the AMSA.

The suggestions put forward to address this situation include giving fuller and more detailed information, indicating if the driver was at fault, and explaining the cause of the accident. Often the CSA information has no bearing on the future potential risk of an accident.

The other option suggested is for the information not to be made public until the reforms are agreed upon. This ensures that businesses are not misrepresented in any way to potential customers.

It is important that these changes are discussed and acted upon by Congress as a priority.  The solution should be discussed seriously to ensure not only safety is taken into consideration, but also that any regulation proposed is necessary and not just red tape that will cause more problems in the long run.

Moving businesses need to prepare for future potential changes.