Prevent Waste by Working with Move For Hunger

Prevent Waste by Working with Move For HungerMove For Hunger

It is a known fact that when people move, food which is still good to eat is thrown away. Preventing this waste of food is possible if it is given to people who need it.  The charity Move For Hunger is trying to do just that. They collect non-perishable food from people who are moving and take it to the food banks across America.

There are people who are in need of food every day out of a real need to survive. This could be because of poor wages or lack of employment, but these people still need to eat and food banks still need food to help those people who are going through hard times.

The idea behind Move For Hunger is that moving companies talk to clients and tell them they will pick up their unwanted food and take this to the local food banks.  In doing so, they help to feed the people in need instead of just throwing the items away.

Move For Hunger was set up in 2009 and there are now over 600 companies that help to reduce the amount of food thrown away when a family moves their home. What is truly staggering is the fact that they have moved over 5 million pounds of food since the non-profit began.

Adam Lowy, who founded Move For Hunger, had a vision to help those people less fortunate by utiliazing something which happens in every single move across America.  He believed in preventing the waste of non-perishable food that can help to feed those less fortunate people of society.

Therefore, if you are looking to move in the near future, or you own a moving company, look into the service provided by Move For Hunger.  It can help those less fortunate in your local community, as well as provide a service to your customer.  You can help prevent non-perishable food ending up in land fill sites where no one will benefit.